“We are realizing more and more that a poetic emotion lies at the origin of revolutionary thought.” – Jean Genet, Letter to American Intellectuals

He looks to the right; and then to the left; he thinks he has to decide – which way to turn; like a pressure, upon him, he thinks: I must decide; and yet, there is that sudden creeping feeling, a type of epiphany that arrives slowly, unexpectedly: he realizes he has already decided. Weiterlesen


What are artists and writers to do when, all around them, a total assault on reality, and our capacity to learn from and respond to that, is being waged? Can cultural institutions and practices stand up to this and answer? What would they respond to? What would a cultural response to conditions be? Events and structures have left the space of appearance and the people’s capacity for spontaneous response weakened, suggesting our existing models of culture and cultural practice, theory, and critique are utterly inadequate. The senses of the people as a whole are under attack, and new thinking and practice to respond to this are called for. What would a culture be, when society strikes to the very roots, burning them out? What are the roots that are in danger? Something more than discourse, description, and dissemination would seem to be needed. Weiterlesen


Einige Anmerkungen

Die Gedanken sind frei. Genauer: Sie müssen frei sein, um in der – milde gesagt – unübersichtlichen Provinz der zeitgenössischen Künste Fehlentwicklungen und Strukturen aufzudecken und daraus einige Prinzipien und Zielvorgaben abzuleiten. Über das Nahziel hinaus ist also ein neues Nach-Denken über den Ist-Zustand der sogenannten Kunst, und über die Soll-Perspektive einer Kunst, die diesen Namen verdient, in der Tat sinnvoll und notwendig. Es geht ums Eingemachte, ums Grundsätzliche. Weiterlesen


Rehearsing Futures Past, an oral blind folded performance, which takes place in front of my Duende Neon.

First Turning: I enter from the stage left and stand in front of my neon sculpture The Duende Diagram. My assistant moves to center stage, takes hold of my shoulders and turns me 360 degrees twice leaving me facing my neon sculpture. Blindfolded I project the red dot of my laser wand upon the words Taylorism and Hebbinism. She recites from the other neon-illuminated terms that surround these words pronouncing Cultural Capitalism and Cognitive Capitalism. Se turns me 180 degrees so that now I am facing the audience and my back is towards the neon I place the megaphone up to my mouth and begin to recite the contingent terms that create the diagram inside my skull.

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Diagram of Cognitive Activism, © Warren Neidich



Essential to my theories of the power of artistic production is the idea of variation and diversity. I am referring to all forms of diversity or heterogeneity be it in the form of objects, things, relations, human beings or cultural conditions. Art is a generator of diversity and it is this quality that it finds its power as a modifier of the brain potential.  Weiterlesen