Für mich gilt seit Beginn meiner künstlerischen Tätigkeit, dass ich Kunst sowohl als eine Form der persönlichen und gleichermaßen gesellschaftlichen, im weitesten Sinn politische Äußerung und Reflexion ansehe, dass sie emanzipatorisch wirken kann, wenn sie es schafft das Individuelle und das Allgemeine zusammen zu bringen wie auch immer. Weiterlesen


Welcome, please come inside. What we are going to do now is a kind of participatory performance. Oh, My God, you may think. Am I now to perform myself? What I want you to do, is to lie down on your back and close your eyes. All of you – in this space. This is actually the only act that you are going to do, it’s not more difficult than that. This is perfect. Thank you very much. Okay, then I need you to close your eyes. Welcome. Relax. Weiterlesen


I can see © Waldemar Wojciechowski

The formulation I CAN SEE (WIDZĘ in Polish) has been written in Braille, photographed and printed. The absurdity of this treatment is a reflection of the notorious sense of the absurd, which I experience as the author of visual messages. My artistic experience shows in fact a serious lack of preparation vast majority of our society for the reception of contemporary art, and my teacher experience of the Art Academy deepens this conviction.

I CAN SEE – put it simply – means that the potential recipient, in order to understand the messages of contemporary art, should know its language.

Photographing Braille signs is absurd, like it would be a photocopy or other form of flat reproduction. Putting these photographs at the museum exhibition (prohibition of touching the exhibits!) further emphasizes that absurd.