Let’s try to deprive an exhibition of its safe statement classification, function of an art gallery, let’s think about what is seen as if it was… anything else.

Our “paintings” or “sculptures” not necessarily have to actually be them, they might only resemble “art”, since “art” itself constitutes the art institutions which confer it with the name “art” the more it resembles “anything else”

It could be said that what constitutes a new quality is the emerging incompatibility to the already existing interpretative tool. The new is always what cannot be handled at first sight.

Perhaps that’s why it’s increasingly difficult to meet new qualities in places, where the artists are fathered with certain social functions, based on modernistic resentment.

It’s a fact, that we operate in a convention of an art exhibition, a game based on a conservative model of white walls, an actual space fulfilled with objects. This place isn’t in any way ‘ennobling’ though – it’s just an anonymous space…

It’s also a fact, that the authors of the objects are people relatively young, who graduated art schools few years ago, with an exception of somewhat older initiator of the show who binds the participants. The exhibition though, does not intend to be another arbitrary ‘young art’ review.

Above all, the show is meant to manifest not so much the mutual generational content, but rather the generational distance do the world and to the freedom of speech, independent from the ‘becoming-visible-in-the-art-world’ aspiration. Aspirations receding into the background, in the face of broadly defined need of topicality of a message, in a show ranging from fashion to neuroscience.

The value of the actions we are talking about here, lays not in the fact that they may be considered art, but rather in what they are despite of that fact. Our pieces are most of all something else, they are a new design of a nightstick, a fashion collection, a non-existent discography, a fix, a remotely-controlled flag and because of that all the more they can, but don’t have to be art.

Sense of humour is a liberating quality. In art as well as aside from it. Therefore who mentions art, buys a round.