The festival 48 Stunden Neukölln is happening this year under the slogan ‘S.O.S. – Art saves the world’. In response to this call, inevitably suggesting a state of emergency, the UP Gallery sets up an EMERGENCY WARD – ‘NOT-AUFNAHME’ open for the duration of the festival. Working with intercultural approach and based in Berlin Neukölln since 2014, the UP Gallery will turns its rooms into ’waiting and consulting rooms’ offering to festival participants and visitors ‚first aid’ with the artistic means. 

The project ‘NOT-AUFNAHME’ invites citizens to be part of our ‘rescue concept’ as participants in an interactive project among other things questioning the notion of art as a finalised instance done and served by the artist for viewer’s consumption. Apart from featuring ‘the art in the waiting room’, the participating artists will create a space for a dialogue in the series of performances and actions discussing together with the public themes of perception and significance of the art and diagnosing other problems in the ‘consulting room’.

The participating artists are a.o.: Janusz Bałdyga, Valentina Bardazzi, Marcin Berdyszak, Jakub Bolewski, Marta Bosowska, Sławomir Brzoska, Maria Drozdova, Elena Gavrisch, Martyna Hadyńska, Leann Herlihy, Szymon Kula, Dominik Lejman, Sarah Lüdemann, Adam Łuczak, Mirco Magnani, Paulina Kempisty, Paulina Pankiewicz, Julia Popławska, Patrycja Plich, Łukasz Prus-Niewiadomski, Przemysław Przepióra, Petro Riaska, Fried Rosenstock, Roland Schefferski, Jana Shostak, Mateusz Smoczyk, Paweł Tymcio.

The project ‘NOT-AUFNAHME’ is a result of the collaboration between the UP Gallery and the Institute for New Artistic Thinking (IFNAT)

Foto: Sarah Lüdemann, Other Voices 2009